For centuries, the horse has been a tool, a partner of humans, an echo of human evolution, a mirror of human behavior. In the 17th century, equestrians were already using the term “MANAGEMENT”, which translated literally meant “to bring one’s horse to the riding arena (manège)” to prepare one’s mount for work.

A true expert in non-verbal communication, the horse immediately responds to human behavior in the exercise of authority. Horses challenge us and bring a new perspective to the relationships between humans.


Equine-assisted coaching is often used to evaluate and enrich managerial practices and team effectiveness.

The horse as a sensory expert: Horses have survived for millennia thanks to their exceptional sensory capacities which they use to closely analyze their surroundings. Horses are highly perceptive, and they are always honest.

Acutely aware of emotional, mental and energetic states, horses instinctively detect what you are saying, whether they can trust you, and whether your thoughts, speech, feelings and actions are aligned. They naturally perceive this information and immediately reflect it back to us through behavioral feedback, helping us to see ourselves more clearly.

The horse as a mirror: Horses reflect our behaviors and act as “mirrors” that build awareness. Unlike humans, who are easily distracted by their own thoughts and emotions, horses live in the present moment and can be with participants 100%. They are excellent listeners.

Horses are authentic beings, unbiased and non-judgmental. They observe us and accept us exactly as we are, without judgment or bias. They challenge us to step up in a non-threatening way.


The horse naturally seeks a leader: Horses are gregarious herd animals. Their herd is a true team where each one plays a role for the cohesion and survival of the group. Hierarchical relationships are established in the group and the horse naturally looks for a leader in its herd. It will trust, respect and follow this leader. For humans to master a horse, the key is first to seek to become its “leader” by using appropriate behavior, and by establishing a partnership with the horse based on respect, trust and connection.

A trustworthy leader… Horses will collaborate, perform, and adhere to your requests if they consider you trustworthy. Their finely tuned senses let them continually detect any sign of predation, aggression, or potential. As a leader, your inner attitude and your emotions – often unconscious – are brought to light and revealed by the horse.

How does it work? During your session, the facilitator-coach will invite you to participate in a series of activities on the ground with our horse partners. Horse coaching is not horseback riding, and you do not need any horse experience to participate. After the horse activities, the coach guides you through a debriefing process to help you integrate what you learned. Together you will transform your experiences into personal breakthroughs and measurable action steps towards reaching your goals. 

A certified executive coach trained in horse coaching, Pascal Schmitt has developed specific protocols for equine-assisted accompaniment for both individual and team coaching.

Over half a day or one full day, your managers and leaders will participate in a unique experience – a real detonator in understanding of managerial modes and how your team functions.

Through interaction with horses and each other, participants’ managerial practices are easily revealed and can be analyzed: firmness vs. violence, authority for vs. authority over, adherence vs. obedience, compromise vs. submission, means vs. ends, etc.).

Pascal has designed customized exercises that focus on behaviors that are easily transposable to the professional world, including key managerial skills (listening, assertiveness, delegation, leadership …) and corporate know-how (mobilize teams, respect others, set the course, set the pace, …).


Les domaines d’intervention

  • Gouvernance d’un comité de direction
  • Communication professionnelle & non verbale
  • Connaissance, Estime de soi & Capacité à s’affirmer
  • Construction & Cohésion d’équipes
  • Confiance & Performance – Respect & Confiance
  • Management & Leadership – Pouvoir & Responsabilité
  • Intelligence collective et coopérative

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  • Talent Management
  • Coaching
  • Coaching collectif
  • Formation et Leadership


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